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Native American Culture and Jewelry

Jewelry has been an integral part of Native American culture for many generations. The first known pieces of Native American jewelry were crafted as far back as 8800 BCE. The first pieces of Native American jewelry were created using various multicolored stones and shells that were transformed into beads and pendants.

Over time, jewelry-making techniques became more intricate, as evidenced by pieces created by the Hopi people of the southwest. The Hopi began to employ the art of “silversmithing” just before the turn of the 19th century. As time passed, the Hopi became known the world over for their overlay designs in silver jewelry.

Perhaps the most well-known of jewelry in Native American culture is that which has been created by the Navajo people of the American southwest. While the Navajo are most recognized for their incredible squash blossom necklaces, bracelets, belt buckles and bolo ties are a large part of their Native American culture and tradition.

About Native American CulturesNot to be outdone, Zuni fetishes and jewelry also holds a special place in Native American culture. Zuni fetishes incorporate a variety of materials to create small carvings. Most fetishes are carved in the form of animals, such as the bear, lion, wolf and eagle. These pieces were originally used and designed for ceremonial purposes. Today, these works of art are incredibly popular among Native American collectors and enthusiasts.

The stone synonymous with both Native American culture and jewelry is precious turquoise. Turquoise stones are highly revered in Native American culture due to their holistic and spiritual qualities. Turquoise has been hailed as the “healer stone” as well as the “gemstone of the peoples”.

In Native American culture, turquoise is believed to bring good health and fortune to those who possess it.